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Press Release - Flash AI


Flash Emergency Management rounds out its business services with the launch of their new revolutionary AI-Powered business continuity planning tool - Flash-AI.

[Virginia] - Flash Emergency Management, a leading provider of emergency management consulting, training, and technology solutions, is proud to announce the launch of their newest innovation, Flash-AI, an AI-powered business continuity planning (BCP) tool. Flash-AI promises to revolutionize the way organizations identify, prepare for, and respond to a crisis!

Flash-AI is an innovative AI-powered solution that will have a significant impact on the small to medium-sized business community. These businesses are often the most vulnerable to crises, as they usually do not have the financial or human resources to dedicate to crisis management. Flash-AI makes it easy and cost-effective to create a business continuity plan that is tailored to their unique needs. Flash-AI will help organizations be better prepared for any crisis from natural disasters to cyber threats.

"At Flash Emergency Management, we understand that being prepared for unexpected events is essential to the survival and success of any organization," said Robert Darling, President of Flash Emergency Management. "We're thrilled to introduce Flash-AI, a tool that will help organizations create a comprehensive and compliant business continuity plan in a matter of minutes not weeks and at a fraction of the cost! Our enterprise approach to preparedness has always been that organizations need a business continuity plan, a well-trained workforce, and the ability to communicate securely with key personnel to be effective in a crisis. With Flash-AI, along with our existing web-based training programs and our Flash Real Time Continuity communications app, Flash-RTC, our clients can be rest assured they're prepared for anything."

To learn more about Flash-AI and how Flash Emergency Management can help your organization be better prepared for any crisis, please visit https://flash-em/develop or contact Michael Darling, Manager of Marketing at

About Flash Emergency Management:

Flash Emergency Management is a leading provider of emergency management consulting, training, and technology solutions. With decades of experience and a team of expert consultants, Flash Emergency Management can be your business partner to help your organization prepare for and thrive through a crisis.


Michael Darling, Manager of Marketing

Flash Emergency Management


Phone: (833) 872 6872

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