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Make Your Plan Actionable

Once you have a continuity plan and your organization is trained on how to use and activate the plan, then the next step is to make that plan actionable.

Our Flash WHYSPR™ mobile app digitizes your continuity plan into an easy to use mobile dashboard. Now you can activate your plan from anywhere and monitor your users as they follow the plan's instructions. This is the cutting edge of Crisis Management technology.

Introducing Your New Crisis Management Mobile App

WHYSPR™ is a secure and encrypted mobile app, available on both iOS and Android, that allows teams and organizations to easily manage their critical documents in one place. It also allows you to quickly send out critical event alerts, perform employee roll calls, activate checklists, and export reports of your critical events to help you train and prepare for the next crisis.

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Your Business Continuity Plan Made Portable & Actionable

WHYSPR™is the perfect tool for crisis management consulting firms.


Our Library feature lets you store all your secure documents in one place, allowing your users to read them from anywhere. These documents can include Business Continuity Plans, floor plans, and anything necessary for your team to resolve a crisis.


Our Emergency Checklists feature lets you activate emergency checklists and assign them to a group, enabling collaboration on tasks to be completed during an emergency.

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Broadcast Mass Notifications

Broadcast critical alerts to thousands of users in real-time. It supports GPS location tracking and offers three types of messages: roll call, critical event alert, and mass notification. With this powerful app, you can be sure that your staff is always kept informed during any crisis.

Broadcast Channels:
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The Problems We Solve

Faster Crisis Response Time

With real-time alerts and GPS tracking, businesses can respond quickly and efficiently to emergencies, reducing downtime and minimizing the impact on their customers and stakeholders.

Instant Readiness with Checklists

The app's emergency checklists and templates can help businesses prepare for a range of scenarios, ensuring that they have a solid plan in place before an emergency occurs.

Protection Against Loss of Data

Private cloud storage ensures that critical business data is always accessible, even in the event of an emergency.

Compliance and Regulations

"Flash Real-Time Continuity" is fully compliant with industry regulations and standards, making it the ideal solution for businesses in the community banking and energy industries that must adhere to strict regulatory requirements.

Secure, Reliable Communication

Encrypted VoIP calling allows for secure and reliable communication, ensuring that all members of a business continuity team can stay connected and informed during an emergency.

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