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Develop Your Plan

The first step to a successful crisis management strategy is having an industry compliant, modern business continuity plan. This plan will contain a detailed analysis of all your top risks and procedures to mitigate and respond to them.

At Flash Emergency Management, we help organizations write their own fully customized BCP's using our new web application called Flash-AI. Flash-Ai uses the latest Machine Learning technology to analyze your risks and vulnerabilities and then create custom strategies to mitigate those risks. Try it out now!

AI Generates Your Personalized Business Continuity Plan In Minutes

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With our new machine learning web application called Flash-Ai™, we create or update your business continuity plan to ensure it is fully compliant and modernized to protect your business against the daily threats that are most dangerous to you.


From cybersecurity to natural disasters, with Flash - Emergency Management, you get a plan that is tailored to meet the unique challenges of your business


Launch Flash-Ai

Launch the Flash-AI application and make your own industry compliant business continuity plan in minutes. Simply complete the questionnaire and let our machine learning model handle the rest.


Expert Review

Once your plan has been generated, you can save, share, and edit the plan. You can select a time on our calendar and get a personalized review by a Flash-EM expert who will give you a full review and compliance check of your plan.


Exercise Plan

Now that your plan has been written, reviewed, and audited for compliance, you are ready to begin training your team on how to use your continuity plan. Contact us for a customized training plan that can be completed online or onsite.

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